Our Bands

At Willowcreek Middle School we have many opportunites for your student to play and progress on their instrument.  We have three Concert Bands, two Jazz Bands, and our Percussion Classes.  

Beginning Band

Beginning Jazz Band: Audition to perform in this group 2nd semester of 1st or 2nd year!

Symphonic Band

Advanced Percussion

Advanced Jazz

Our Top Jazz Band at Willowcreek.  This is the slow number from their performance at the UMEA State Jazz Festival @Vista Heights Middle School in 2022

Wind Symphony

Our Top Concert Band at Willowcreek.  This is part of their UMEA Concert Band State Performance at the University of Utah (March 10th, 2023)

At Willowcreek we have 5 Main Groups.  We have a Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Beginning Jazz Band, and Advanced Jazz Band.  Our Beginning Band is for all beginning students.  It is split into Beginning Woodwinds, Beginning Brass, and Beginning Percussion.  Symphonic Band is for any student that has played at least 1 year on their instrument.  Wind Symphony is our top concert band for 8th and 9th graders and is an audition only Group.  Beginning Jazz is for anyone also enrolled in a regular Concert Band Class (spaces limited), Our Advanced Jazz Class is an audition only Jazz band for students also enrolled in a Concert Band class.  Percussion students play with their associated band for their level.